Friday, February 1, 2013

Sinful Colors Black On Black and Different Dimension Murloc

Good afternoon everyone!  Sorry it's been a few since I posted but I have had a ton of personal and business stuff going on.  I am back now though and have a beautiful polish to share with you guys.  Murloc from Different Dimension's limited World Of Warcraft series.  I had purchase three of the six available and love each one for their uniqueness.

First up is the Sinful Colors Black On Black that I used for my base.  Black On Black is a great cream black polish that has solid coverage in two coats.  I use to use my Revlon Black Lingerie but this is certainly my new go to black.  

Black On Black

Yep, it's black

Not much to say, it's black.

Okay, enough on the boring black.  Time to add some crazy sparkle to it.  Different Dimension's Murloc is packed full of sparkly goodness.  You have various size red, green, and blue holographic glitter.  The formula is great (even after sitting on the shelf for 4 months) and I only used two coats to get tons of glitter.  It really reminded me of a Lite Brite... am I showing my age?


Close up of Murloc

Eeek! I love this polish!

The colors are so vibrant against the black base.

So what do you guys think?  I personally love this combo!  Different Dimension makes some pretty amazing polish and I highly recommend them.  Their stuff is always top notch, tested, and Missi is a sweetheart so the money you spend goes in great hands.  It was great seeing you guys again and look forward to next time!