Sunday, September 30, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Week: Nailgasm

Good evening everyone!  Sorry I wasn't around this past week, me birthday was right in the middle of the week.  I am back now and have a ton of stuff coming up.  First let's start with this weeks Etsy shop. I met Brittany, the brains behind Nailgasm, through r/redditlaqueristaswap a few months back and worked out a trade, my Model City for her Nailgasm.  I only own the one bottle from her but certainly have me eye on a few more.  Today I am going to show you Unicorn Barf.

Don't let the name scare you away, this is magical Unicorn Barf.  The unicorn on the bottle is so cute!  It is packed with purple, red, pink, blue, green, and iridescent glitter in various sizes.  Now me personally, I don't care for the bottle but her shop does mention that she is changing bottles soon so I will be on the lookout.  I only noticed the slightest bit of settling and the blend was easy to apply with great glitter distribution.

Unicorn Barf

Macro of Unicorn Barf

I love this one paired with yellow.  Such a bright cheery blend.

This was only one coat of Unicorn Barf.

All in all I am very pleased with Nailgasm and will certainly be buying in the future.  Be sure to checkout her shop for some other cute blends.  The prices are very reasonable and shipping is super quick.

Ok now for the upcoming projects.  Each Wednesday in the month of October a bunch of us girls have decided to go Pink to help raise breast cancer awareness.  Each Wednesday I will feature a new set of pink nails and would love to see yours also.  If you would like to take part just send me a pic of your pink nails by 5:00 PM CST each Wednesday and I will add yours to the blog post for that evening, be sure to include what color you used and where you are located.  I hope to see some of your lovely nails!  I look forward to seeing you all again next month!  Have a great evening!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Week: Different Dimension

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I have another great shop for you guys.  I have seen Different Dimension floating around for sometime now, but when the pics started showing up on Spectral Tiger I was sold.  Being a huge fan of World of Warcraft, I fell in love with her limited edition set.  I wanted them all but budget restraints would not allow me to buy them all at this time.  Spectral Tiger was hands down my favorite so it was my lucky pick.  Sad part, you only have a few days left to buy them!  As I said, this is a limited set and will only be sold until the new World of Warcraft expansion pack comes out Tuesday, 9/25/12.  After you see these pics I would recommend rushing over there and buy some up before they are gone.

Spectral Tiger

Macro of Spectral Tiger

I paired this with Zoya Jo for an ice cold look.

This was only one coat of Spectral Tiger.

The blend went on super smooth and glitter was distributed evenly.  Only thing I noticed was the "good stuff" settled on the bottom so I would recommend shaking the bottle a few minutes before use.  Don't want those nasty bubbles popping up on your nails.  So this "good stuff" I speak of was the biggest reason why I bought this blend..... wanna see the "good stuff"?

Holy crap, this stuff is AWESOME!

It really looks like a clear night sky on your nails.  Jaw dropping!

I am a sucker for glow in the dark polish and this stuff doesn't compare to any others I have seen.  It is truly amazing.  The glitter again distributes perfectly!  I love this polish and will cherish it dearly.  It looks great day or night and will work with any polish I own.  Head on over to Different Dimension and check out her lovely polish.  She has many other beautiful blends.  While your there, if you want to pick me up Horde or Murloc.........

Now before I leave tonight I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who made my successful store stocking of my new blends.  I really appreciate your business and hope to mix many more special blends for you guys.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you guys again real soon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nail-Venturous Floam and Sinful Colors Rise and Shine

Good evening everyone!  Hope all is well with you wonderful ladies.  Tonight I have for you the infamous Floam by Nail-Venturous.  After a few months of patiently waiting I finally got my hands on some Floam.  My first time using I was somewhat disappointed, the blend is really thick and takes a lot of coats to get full coverage.  I actually considered trading it off but someone on another board suggested a base coat so I started looking for the perfect base coat.  I didn't want a base that was going to take away from the beauty of the polish itself, but something that mated perfectly with it.  I think I have found it.  Even when my sister was in town visiting she picked the perfect duo for her mani.

Okay first up is the base.  I use Sinful Colors Rise and Shine.  Since this is a base that will mostly be hid by polish you will not need more than one coat.  Personally the color on its own is pretty boring and has a terrible matte finish.  Floam brings out the beauty in this one.

Rise and Shine

Macro of Rise and Shine

This is one coat.  It is not perfect but will look great with Floam.

Eh, nothing special.

Now this is where the magic happens.  The teal base of Rise and Shine mixes perfectly with the teal and yellow glitter in Floam.  With this combo I only had to use two coats of Floam to get a perfect finish.  You know what that means..... I can get way more use out of my precious Floam.


Macro of Floam

Only two coats of Floam!

I love it!  They were truly made for each other.

Sinful Colors can be picked up at Walgreens and be sure to check for the popular 99¢ sale.  Floam is a little harder to get your hands on but Ninja Polish makes it a little easier.  You can sign up for a friendly reminder on restocks of your most desired blend.  I have my heart set on the next Humble Bee restock.

Thanks for stopping this evening!  I hope you guys enjoyed my little pics and I look forward to seeing you guys again real soon.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Week: Geeky and Chic

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I have another cute little shop for you guys.  Over the summer I participated in the Reddit Arbitrary Day gift exchange and I got the cutest keychain holder ever!  I currently use it as a safe place to hang my earbuds so the cats don't destroy them.  The shop that supplied this cute little keychain holder is Geeky and Chic.  They offer the holder ranging in a single hook up to a three hook and is a prefect gift for any Zelda lover.  Go by their shop and check them out for other cute geeky items.

Now since they were not polish related, and to stick with the them of nails I have The Hero of Time from Dollish Polish to show you guys.  Now I love the original Legend of Zelda video game and when I saw this polish I had to have it.  It took me a few months but I finally grabbed a bottle over at Overall Beauty.  Normally I see this polish on a green base but at the last minute I decided to go with a brown base.  It turned out great!

Buried Alive

Macro of Buried Alive

This was a good two coater.

I love this brown.  It's a nice chocolate color with a hint of sparkle.

The Hero of Time is heavy on the glitter so I used my trusty Elmer's Glue and everything came off super easy.  This time I made it two full days before I broke down and peeled the polish off, but there were no chips at all.  

The Hero of Time

Macro of Hero of Time

I went with two coats here since I knew removal was going to be easy.

I absolutely love the look of this polish!  It was so shiny it caught everyones attention.

Now I am feeling inspired to play some Zelda.  Time to break out my Wii-mote with the classic controller and play some old Zelda on the Mac.  Thanks for stopping by this evening and I look forward to seeing you again.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Avon Loving Lavender and Perception Nail Lacquer Unicorn Farts

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I have some nails that look like they are straight out of Grimm Fairy Tales.  A few months back I met Amy through Mani-Mommies and shortly after meeting her she started up her own indie line with some super cute blends.  I fell in love with, hehehe, Unicorn Farts.  I quickly grabbed up a bottle and boy am I glad I did.  This stuff is gorgeous.  The holographic sparkle is perfect!  The polish it self is pretty sheer so I wanted to pair it with a matching base and Avon Loving Lavender was a perfect match.

Loving Lavender

Macro of Loving Lavender

This color was part of their spring line up.

This finish is two coats.  I could have went with a single coat but used a different base this time....

Loving Lavender is a very pretty cream base that just screams for sparkle and Unicorn Farts delivers!  They were truly made for each other.  Once I placed two layers of the Unicorn Farts I felt like I had just stepped into a Grimm fairy tale.  The glitter reminds me of something a young princess would wear to all the beautiful balls.

Unicorn Farts

Macro of Unicorn Farts

I love it!

The holographic finish is so soft and elegant, the perfect pair.

Now I would highly recommend heading over to Etsy and checking out Perception Nail Lacquer.  Amy is always creating new blends that are to die for.... I have more in transit as we speak.  You can also check out Mani-Mommies or Perception Nail on Facebook for up to date info.

Ok, so the new base coat I used.... Elmer's Glue!  I was hearing from many different sources that this was the perfect solution for glitter lovers and I had to try it out for myself.  Basically you use Elmer's glue as a base coat and when it comes time to change polish, you just peel it off and no damage to the nail.  Guess what, it works! I used an empty mini bottle I had laying around to put the glue into to make application easier.  I brushed on one thin coat and waited about 20 mins for it to completely dry before painting my nails.  I then proceeded like normal and still ended with my fast dry top coat.  Well here's the results.

This was all 10 nails!

I am sold on the Elmer's glue.  I only made it a full 24 hours before I had to try peeling it off but no chips in that time frame.  I am currently wearing another mani and hopefully I can make it a few more days before I have the urge again to peel it off.  So there you go, a beautiful combo and a godsend solution for glitter lovers.  I hope everyone has a great evening and will see you next time.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hits Dionisio

Good evening everyone!  As some of you may know, I have a weakness for pretty much anything holographic so when I found out about the Hits Speciallita line I had to have them all.  The bottles are tiny and the price is on the high side but well worth every penny.  Tonight I have Dionisio, the newest to my collection.  It is a very pretty grape color packed with its ever so beautiful holographic glitter.


Macro of Dionisio

This finish is three coats.

This one was is with indoor lighting.  The holo is there but not as bright.

This one is with a light shined on to the nails to show the holographic finish a little more.

I wish I could have captured this in the sunlight but I work from sun up to sun down so I had to work with indoor lighting.  I will be doing a post in the near future of Posidion, my favorite, and will wait until the weekend to share.  Thanks for stopping by this evening and look forward to next time.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Week: Daring Digits

Good afternoon everyone!  This week I have another great custom nail polish shop, Daring Digits.  Ashley has some pretty awesome blends at a very reasonable price and she even ships international.  I selected two different polishes from her line up and both are amazing quality.  Glitter in both were a perfect amount and the formula was super easy to apply.  Daring Digits is running a pretty sweet promo right now until 9/22/12, all full size bottles are $5!  Selection is a little low right now but she will be restocking later this week and I certainly have my eye on a few other bottles for my collection.

First up I have for you is Sugar Water Purple.  This blend is a sheer white base with two different size purple and black glitter.  Again this polish is sheer so I decided to use my Finger Paints Paper Mache as a base to give a solid appearance.  I must say this turned out perfect!

I am loving her new bottles and logo.

The purple pair well together.

The layering is perfect and gives great depth to the finish.

This was one coat of Paper Mache and then two coats of Sugar Water Purple.  Topped off with quick dry top coat.

Next is Blueberry Square, of course I would pick a blue.  This one is more of a top coat only and I spent a lot of time trying to pair with the perfect color.  I was torn between an orange base and a green base so my husband was the decision maker and went with the green, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Green With Envy.  The final results remind me of spring with the green grass, the blue skies, and the sparse white clouds.  

Blueberry Square

The glitter looks beautiful floating in its base.

This was just one coat of Blueberry Square.

I am in love with the color combo and will certainly wear this again.

I must say I am in love with Daring Digits and hope to own many more from her.  Please take a moment to check out her shop.  If you decide to make a purchase, which I highly recommend with the amazing special, be sure to mention Model City in the comments section at checkout and she will include a free mini bottle of Fallen Leaves!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! It's a pleasure to have you guys, you are my inspiration!  Have a great week and see ya next time.

These were sent to me for review purposes but doesn't not influence my post in any way.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zoya Tallulah and Model City Daydream Believer

Hello everyone! Today I have one of my favorite blues paired with some holographic stars.  About this time last year I discovered Zoya and took advantage of a two free promotion they were running.  Tallulah was immediately my first pick with it's medium blue color and lovely shimmer.  I would certainly recommend following Zoya on Facebook to stay up to date on their promos and be the first to take advantage these awesome deals.


Macro of Tallulah

Tallulah Label and Product Code 
Two solid coats followed with my quick dry top coat

This blue is perfect for a blue lover.  The shimmer is a nice added bonus.

Next up is my Model City Polish Daydream Believer.  I may be bias but I love this top coat.  You just can't go wrong with silver glitter and holographic stars!  Let me share some tips when working with Daydream Believer or any other polish with large glitter or shapes.  First up, use a toothpick to position the large glitter perfectly and slightly press the glitter down on to the nail.  Secondly, use top coat.  I generally go with two good coats of clear and my favorite combo is one good coat of clear followed with my quick dry top coat.

Daydream Believer 
Macro of Daydream Believer

Ah, I love it!

The stars make me want to go outside and just stare off into space.

So there you go, you now know my weakness.  Blue and stars!  Thanks for stopping by today and hope you enjoyed everything.  I am always trying to make my page better so if there is something you would like to see more or less of, please let me know.  Hope everyone has a great day!