Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fantasy Nail Lacquer Rainbow Rocket and Mercury Bubblegum

Good evening everyone! I am back tonight with some more lovely lacquers from Fantasy Nail Lacquers.  The two tonight are from their Neon Collection and are perfect for the upcoming summer months and a glitter issue ends up being perfect!

First I would like to share Mercury Bubblegum.  This one is a super bright pink polish packed full of blue, pink, and yellow matte glitters.  This polish goes on a little thick mostly because of all of the glitter so it does take a little effort to apply smoothly but the end results are great.  I would recommend the dabbing method for this one because all of the glitter tends to end up on the end of the nail and.  In my photos I used two coats plus a coat of my Gelous to smooth things out.

Okay now for my favorite of the two neons, Rainbow Rocket.  This one is a clear base packed with various size and shapes of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink glitter.  It appears that the purple glitter doesn't retain its shape and has began to break apart, what does that mean?  The most awesome tiny purple shards that don't stand up on my nail!  The maker has informed me that she is considering not adding the purple in her next batch but personally I love and if you do then I would pick up a bottle quick!  My photos are just one coat over a base with a coat of Gelous on top.

So what do you guys think of the oops glitter? Personally I love the final look, seems super 80's to me.  Please check out Fantasy Nail Lacquer on Etsy and give a big likes to her new Facebook page.  Thanks for stopping by this evening, I look forward to seeing you again real soon. <3