Saturday, March 16, 2013

Avon Orange Creamsicle and Emerald & Ash Deconstructed Daisy

Good afternoon everyone!  Today feels like spring and I am loving it!  Sunny and 75 equals out to a perfect day.  I have the windows open and the fresh breeze is filling my office.  The start to all of the new growth is the perfect match to todays post.  It is filled with bright cheery colors and a wonderful new indie line that is truly a must have.

I will start today's post with Avon's Orange Creamsicle.  I picked with one up last year and it is one of the few oranges that work with my skin tone.  A bright creamy orange is a perfect base to so many wonderful summer colors.  Application is pretty good on this with two coats to get solid coverage but be careful.  The polish does seem to pull a little and causes valleys that the color brings out and causes a odd streak look.

Now for the fun part of this post, Deconstructed Daisy!  This is the first of two blends I purchased this week from Emerald & Ash, the hot new indie line that is a must for us polish lovers.  Emerald & Ash is company that has been in testing mode for MONTHS and is finally in full production mode.  You won't find any issues with glitter from these guys because all of their stuff is tested and then tested again to assure quality products.  You will get nothing but amazing polish and wonderful service.  

Okay, about today's polish.  Deconstructed Daisy is a clear base with three different sizes of matte white hexes, two size of matte green hexes, and the hidden surprise of square and matte yellow hexes.... you'll really seem them in the close up shot.  Application was flawless and only needed one coat.  No dabbing either, just perfect.

So what do you guys think?  Are you rushing over there right now? You should be.  If you think today's post is awesome then wait until tomorrow... I have Deep Field to share and it is pretty freakin amazing!  Please check out Emerald & Ash at their shop on either Etsy or their direct site and be sure to follow them on Facebook.  I look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow!


  1. I just received my bottle of Deconstructed Daisy as well and I agree that it is simply wonderful. Great review!!