Sunday, November 4, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Week: Glitzology

Hello everyone!  Long time no see.  Sorry I wasn't around last week, I was in a funk and super busy.  I am back and ready to show you guys some super awesome polish from Glitzology.  This is a really new shop and already is making their mark in the polish world.  They have super cute blends at crazy, cheap prices.  Today I have three different blends to show you.

I guess subconsciously I went patriotic with my selections.

These bottles are packed with glitter!

First up is Snow Day.  This one surprised me and ended up being my favorite out of the group.  Snow Day is packed with various white and iridescent glitters and has a iridescent blue tinted base.  I paired this one with Bluey from butter London and needless to say it is perfect!

Snow Day

Macro of Snow Day

I swear I have wrapping paper that looks just like this.

I love the metallic blue finish!

Next up is Little Red Corvette.  Who doesn't love Prince?!  I had to have one from the "Artist Formally Known As..." collection.  Little Red Corvette is a red jelly base filled with tons of different size and shape red glitter.  This polish was so packed with glitter  that it was a little troublesome to apply.  It only took two coats to get a opaque finish with the base color but the glitter was heavier in some areas so you will need to work with it a little to get even glitter placement.

Little Red Corvette

Macro of Little Red Corvette

I love the color!

Again only two coats, great coverage and tons of glitter.

Last up is My Viking Boyfriend.  This one is another glitter bomb.  It is filled with more blue and silver glitter than you could ever imagine.  I love the colors and the silver holographic glitter add an extra little sparkle.  

My Viking Boyfriend

Macro of My Viking Boyfriend

Three coats and solid coverage.

It kinda looks like ground up gems on my fingers.

I look forward to seeing what Glitzology produces in the coming months.  I think there is great potential with this company to produce to amazing stuff.  Head on over and check out all of her other awesome blends and be sure to use code VIKINGBIRTHDAY25 to get 25% off your order.  I hope you all have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow with some more awesome indie polish.

These were sent to me for review purposes but doesn't not influence my post in any way.

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