Sunday, April 7, 2013

Emerald & Ash In Times of War & Peace and Goes Rolling Along

Good day everyone!  Today I have two polishes to share with you from Emerald & Ash, both from the Armed Forces Collection.  Every bottle she sells right now from this collection she will donate $1 to the USO so not only do you get beautiful polish, some of the money goes to a great cause.

First up I would like to share Goes Rolling Along.  This one, and like all the rest, starts off with a clear base and then is packed with various size and shapes in black and gold.  This one was a little problematic but not too much of surprise because of those pesky bars!  All of the black glitter was perfect and the gold square had a slight reflective curl but laid flat on the nail.  The gold bars were a whole different story.  They had a curl to them that caused them to stick up even with a good coat of clear but I have a wonderful solution for those pesky bars.  Apply your bar polish as normal and let dry, then use clippers to trim the fly aways, follow up with a clear top coat and have a smooth finish.  All of my pics show the bars untrimmed so you can see whats going on.  I  paired this one with Julep Annette which is a lovely grayish white the complements the black and gold great.

Ashley herself has requested I send you guys a message concerning those pesky bars we so dearly love and hate at the same time.
"I would like to address the issue of the curling bar glitter.  First of all, I sincerely apologize for the issue!  It is an issue that, despite nearly a year of the glitter sitting in base and testing, did not seem to appear until recently.  I guess it just goes to show that you can never test for too long!  I have already begun work on finding a higher quality bar glitter to use in my polish, and will be adding a note to the product descriptions on my websites.  If anyone who has already ordered Goes Rolling Along or Semper Fidelis have been having these issues and would like them to be rectified, I am 100% willing to replace those polishes for them."  Ashley

Wow! What am amazing customer service and is on top of things! I had messaged her before the post so she would be aware of the issues and she is already working on a solution.  Thank you Ashley!

Now for one of my favorites out of the collection, In Times of War & Peace.  War & Peace is the perfect patriotic blend for upcoming holiday cookouts.  It is packed full of red, white, and blue glitters that just screams USA!  I loved this one so much!  Application was flawless and coverage was wonderful.  All of my pics are overtop Julep Lisa and is just one coat.

What do you guys think of the two new unique blends from Emerald & Ash?  Be sure to stick around the next few days as I review the rest of the Armed Forces Collection.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check Emerald & Ash out on Facebook to stay up to date on info.  Later guys! <3

These were sent to me for review and photo purposes but does not change my reviews in anyway.