Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Literary Lacquers Gift of the Magi

Good evening everyone!  I have another one to share with you guys from Literary Lacquers.  This time is Gift of the Magi, a green glitter bomb, with pretty decent coverage all on its own.

Gift of the Magi is a clear base packed with fine green glitter and larger green holographic glitter.  I decided to try this one out with no undies and had great results.  With only two coats I got pretty decent opaqueness but was a little rough so use a few coats of clear to smooth out.

Gift of the Magi

Close up of Gift of the Magi

Super glittery!

As you can see, pretty good coverage.

Remember, no undies here!

Two great blends to day from Literary Lacquers, go check them out for more awesome polish!  Thanks for stopping by again today and look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!  Have a great evening!