Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wonder Beauty USO Rosie and Cuticle Oil

Hello everyone!  I hope all has been well with you guys!  Today I have some more great products to share with you guys from Wonder Beauty.  Last month she held a contest and I actually won!  The prize was $50 bucks to spend in her shop and needless to say I felt like a kid in a candy store.  My first immediate pick was USO Rosie, I have been wanting this one since she showed pics back in August.  All I have to say is I wish I had just bought sooner, it's wonderful!  I would also like to share another great product from her shop that is more of a maintenance item, cuticle oil.  First the polish!

USO Rosie is a great gray based jelly packed with silver and gold glitter in various sizes and blue glitter.  The gold glitter is a much softer gold which was a very pleasant touch, I am not a huge gold fan.  Application was good and took three coats to get a acceptable finish without undies.  I love how the gray is sheer enough that you can see the glitter below each layer.  Added bonus, the bar glitter laid perfectly!

USO Rosie
Close up of USO Rosie

I love the shimmer in the grey base!

Love the color combination!

Here you can see the depth a little better, looks awesome!

Now I would like to talk you guys about her cuticle oil.  This stuff rocks!  I have been using this stuff everyday since I received it and can tell a noticeable difference, can you?  For $6 bucks you can't go wrong.  The brush makes it super easy to apply.  I even have my husband on a cuticle treatment each night before bed.  She is currently sold out but hopefully soon she will have more.

Cuticle Oil

You can see how little is gone after a full month use, this stuff will last months! See the bottom...

It's glitter!  Add a little extra sparkle to your nails at the same time! So fun!

What do you guys think?  Isn't USO Rosie just beautiful?!  The cuticle oil is great for fingernails and toenails so great time to get started for the upcoming sandal weather.  Please check out Wonder Beauty for more great products!  Hopefully by summer my hair will finally be long enough so I can try out a Wonder Bun!  Thanks for stopping by and look forward to seeing you guys again! <3