Monday, December 17, 2012

December Julep Maven Box

Hello everyone! Sorry this post is running a little late, but here is this months Julep Maven Box.  This month I decide to go with the It Girl box.  The colors were super pretty and I just had to have the sapphire blue one.

Vivien, Ivy, & Harper

First up is Vivien.  Vivien is a gold color filled with fine and large glitter.  Vivien can be worn all on its own but I put it over a colored base.  Even with two coats of Vivien the base coat is still very strong so I may still suggest using a base just to save on coats.  Me personally, I don't care for this one.  I am also not a gold lover so I am a little bias.


Close up of Vivien

Again this was two coats of the gold! 

The larger glitter seemed to bunch together.

Eh, not my favorite for sure.

Now after the gold hating, I am going to show much love to the next two.  They are both right when it comes to my taste.  First I am going to show you Ivy.  Ivy is the sapphire one that Julep was talking about.   What they left out is that it is totally purple at certain angles.  I love it!  The polish is very unique.  The shift in color is so subtle and not over powering like other brands.


Close up of Ivy

Only two coats and pretty good coverage.  

I love this color!

You can see here how the top parts have a purple color to them.

Lastly is Harper.  Harper is a teal base filled with various iridescent, teal, and gold glitter.  Application on this one was near perfect.  I did use three coats but the end results were a mermaid's dream!


Close up of Harper

Great glitter coverage!

All in all I was pretty pleased with this months box.  The added bonus this month was a super cool make your own nail polish ring.  As soon as I saw that I had to play and fell in love with it!  Such a great way to add a little personalization to ones style.  Thanks for stopping by this evening and look forward to seeing you guys again real soon.


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    1. I know! It's hard sometime to find that one polish that works so well all on it's own, now I have three!