Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Orly Angel Eyes and Finger Paints Inkblot Blue

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you have all been well.  Today I have a wonderful set of blue nails to share with you guys.  Earlier this month I was at Sally's doing some secret santa shopping and this one bottle of Orly was calling my name as I attempted to shop.  In the end the Orly won and I purchased it.  Boy am I glad I did because this is by far my favorite blue glitter ever!

First off I started with Finger Paints Inkblot Blue as my base coat.  I love this polish and it makes for a great base.  It's a smooth cream finish and took two coats to get good coverage.

Inkblot Blue

Close up of Inkblot Blue

This is considered a neon but not to extreme.

Again this was two coats.

Next up is the Angel Eyes.  This is such a pretty color blue and the splash of silver add a little something special.  The more and more I try Orly the more I realize how much I love their polish.  This one was like all the rest, flawless!  I went with two coats do get maximum glitter coverage..... we all love glitter, right?

Angel Eyes

Close up of Angel Eyes

I love this color!

This kinda reminds me of a summer night sky!

So there you go, another pair of great polishes.  Of course I am partial to blue but both of these formulas are truly great.  Added bonus, the Inkblot Blue does not stain my nails when used with a base coat.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you guys again real soon!