Sunday, December 9, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Week: Little Lazies

Good evening everyone!  I am back again tonight to show you guys a super awesome Etsy shop.  Little Lazies is an amazing shop that has just exploded in the past few months.  I wanted to do this feature sooner but I didn't want to ruin someone's Christmas gifts... hehehe!  Little Lazies has some of the cutes clay sculptures ever!  She sold out of her Christmas themed Lazies within minutes of release and I am sure her Valentines ones will also.  She made mention that they will be available next month so I recommend following her Facebook page for up to date stocking levels.

Random Zombie Lazy

Random Cupcake Lazy

Each Lazy is made by hand and completely random.  Pictures really doesn't do these guys justice, they are simply amazing!  I personally can't wait for the Valentines ones, I will have to get one for myself.  Again check out her shop and follow her Facebook, you don't want to miss out!

Now for some nails!  Tonight I am sharing my lovely Nubar Fire Sparkle.  This is my first Nubar and will not be my last.  This stuff puts Ruby Pumps to shame!  I received this polish little more than a month ago from a super awesome lady over at RAoP and fell in love immediately. Fire Sparkle is a red tinted base packed full of red glitter.  Application was amazing and fairly smooth considering all of the glitter. I went with three coats to get maximum glitter coverage.

Fire Sparkle

Close up of Fire Sparkle

Look at that glitter!

There is so much depth in this polish!

I am not a huge fan of red but this stuff is perfect. My favorite by far!

So there, an amazing shop and an amazing polish.  Be sure to check out Little Lazies and tell her Model City sent you.  She is super sweet and has an amazing customer service, you won't be disappointed.  Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you guys again real soon!  Good night!