Sunday, December 2, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Week: Lacquerhead Polish

Good evening everyone!  I have another great shop to share with you guys this evening and they are also one of the awesome people who donated for the Super Awesome Indie Christmas Giveaway.  Lacquerhead Polish has been in business for a few months now and make some pretty awesome products! Tonight I am going to share with you guys two of their super cute holiday blends.

First up is Mistletoe & Magic, a clear base packed with various size and shapes of green glitter, red small hexes, and gold small hexes.  Application was flawless and even distribution of the glitter.  I paired it with Sally Girl Doup and then two coats of the Mistletoe Magic.  End results were a super festive combo.

Mistletoe & Magic

 Close up of Mistletoe & Magic

Love the splash of gold and red glitter.

Next up is You're The Fruit In My Nutcake... how cute is that name?!  Nutcake is packed full of various size of brown glitter with a hint of purple, blue, and silver glitter.  Again application was perfect.  I paired this one with China Glaze Desert Sun and again two coats of glitter.

You're The Fruit In My Nutcake

Close up of You're The Fruit In My Nutcake

The Dessert Sun was a little more orange than I wanted.

Ooooo, fancy!

Be sure to check out Lacquerhead Polish for more great blends and some pretty cool looking cuticle oil.  Thanks for stopping by this evening and look forward to seeing you real soon.