Sunday, October 14, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Week: Vivid Lacquer

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I have another awesome shop to share with you guys.  The first thing that caught my eye at Vivid Lacquer is the super cute cat!  How stinkin cute is she?  Vivid Lacquer sells some pretty creative blends and nail stamping plates.  Tonight I have some of their polish for you guys.

First up, and my favorite, is Notebook Paper.  The name says it all!  It's packed with various white glitter, some gray glitter, and red squares.  Super fun polish that has endless possibilities.  I paired it with grey but have a few other colors I look forward to putting it over.

Notebook Paper and that super cute cat

Macro of Notebook Paper

The dark gray makes the white and red pop but hid the gray glitter.

I love all the various sizes!

Next is Moonlit Cheshire.  I decided with this one to go with out undies.  Moonlit Cheshire is a purple jelly base with various purple, sliver, and black glitter.  The purple base was so pretty and I wanted to see how it would layer.  It took three good coats but the end results were a polish with a lot of depth.

Moonlit Cheshire

Macro of Moonlit Cheshire

The finish was a little chunky but nothing a few coats of clear couldn't smooth out.

I can't just can't get the sparkles in this one to show up in photo.

Lastly, we have Have Fun Storming the Castle, which is currently sold out.  This one is amazing!  The various glitters work so well with each other and the large glitter gives that extra oomph.  This one was very close to being my favorite out of the three but I thought I should let another color other than blue win one.  I paired this one over a shiny white base and they worked wonderful together.

Have Fun Storming the Castle

Macro of Storming the Castle

I love all the glitter!

Again, gorgeous! Be sure to use the glue base with this one.

So there you go, another awesome shop and three beautiful blends.  Vivid Lacquer has a super awesome promo code for you guys that you can use until the 17th, so don't wait.  Use the code modelcity1014 and get 15% off your order.  I think I'll use that code to get me some more stamping plates.  Have a great evening everyone!

These were sent to me for review purposes but doesn't not influence my post in any way.