Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Julep Maven Box

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  Today's post is going to be a combo post. Over on Reddit the girls in r/redditlaquristas has started a 52 week challenge.  I really want to try out some new stuff and this seems like the perfect way to go about it.  I am playing catch up now because it started the week I was prepping for the huge local craft festival but I should be on schedule by Monday.  I have combined this months Julep box with the first weeks challenge, taping.

I almost skipped the Julep box this month when I saw all the crackle polish, but the ladies over at Julep heard their customers and quickly came up with another box, the Maven's Choice box.  Once I saw the colors I was sold, all three are perfect winter colors.  This months box included Lisa, Keira, Eloise, orange and black loose glitter, and some tasty candy corn.  Eloise is my favorite color of the three but I always pick the blues.  All in all, this months box rocks!

This month was my favorite when it came to the extra goodies.

In order: Lisa, Keira, & Eloise

These colors work perfect for my stipe pattern!

This was my second attempt at using tape and the first time I did all 10 nails!  Halfway through I wanted to give up but pushed myself and certainly happy with the results.  All three colors work well with each other but would look amazing all on their own too.  A big thanks to Julep for listening to us and pushing out such a great box so quickly.  If you want to give Julep a try just follow this link and use code COLOR2012 and get your first box for a penny.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by today and I look forward to seeing you guys again.  If you want to follow along with the 52 week challenge just click on the tab in the upper portion of my web page.  Have a great day!