Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Going Pink on Wednesday

Good day everyone!  I am back again with another set of pink nails.  Each Wednesday this month a group of bloggers and I have gone pink to help raise more awareness for breast cancer.  I am sure most of you by now are aware but did you know how easy it is this month to help out?  Lots of us live on tight budgets and don't think we could donate but it is so easy this month to help out and not spend any extra cash.  How you ask?  Well when you go out shopping this month for your regular household supplies, food, personal care, etc. look for specially marked packaging.  These vendors will donate preset amounts from their sales to many different foundations that help in the research or care of breast cancer.  If you shop at Walgreens they have made it super easy to donate cash by giving you the option at check out.  You select your amount and they just added it to your total.  It's that easy!  Now time for those pink nails.

I was asked by a friend last month to create her a pretty polish but didn't want anything glitter, I gladly accepted the challenge.  Now this friend has been through some rough times in the past few months but has stood strong and pushed through these problems to rise on top in the end.  I felt it would be appropriate to name this polish "Strength" after her.  Strength is a soft pink with the slightest rainbow glitter scattered through out.


Macro of Strength

This was only two coats.

Again, the glitter is such a soft touch but that needed sparkle we all must have.

If you like Strength then I would suggest heading over to Cosmetich and entering her amazing October giveaway!  You can also enter the Model City Polish giveaway, Giveaway tab in header, and pick this as one of your freebies.  Hope you all have a great day and remember, stay strong and you will end up on top.