Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Go Pink on Wednesday

Hello everyone!  Hope you have all been well.  Today I have another set of awesome pink nails for you guys.  I was never a big pink color fan but a few months back I received Julep Lauren in one of my Maven boxes and fell in love.  This pink is like no other pink I have ever seen before.  Lauren is a cream base and on the verge of being neon.  Application is perfect ever time and take just two coats to get solid coverage.


Macro of Lauren

I love this color!

New photo angle for you guys.

Two coats and flawless

Next I decided to pair it with an Icing Duo that I had bought on clearance but yet to use.  Personally I hate the bottle.  Sometime I like to just place the brush on the bottle for various reasons but with this bottle it immediately falls over due to the weight.  Also if one side is stuck it is a pain to loosen because the other side easily spins.  This one also had a unpleasant odor.  All the negatives aside, I do like the polish itself.  The gold and pink glitter are very pretty and distribute wonderfully.  The pink side that I used is called Love Spell.

Love Spell/Dazzle Me

Macro of Love Spell

One coat and great coverage

The sparkle is a nice pop against this pink

This would be a great summer combo for the beach.

So there you guys go, another set of pink nails in the book.  I am having so much fun coming up with great pink combos for you guys and also checking out everyone else's pink nails.  I hope to take part in many more blogger challenges in the future.  I hope you all have a great day and look forward to seeing you guys again real soon.  Remember, you guys rock!