Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 2 Challenge: Blue

Good evening everyone.  Tonight I am showing you guys my week 2 challenge, blue.  I love blue and have just about every shade.  This week I received a lovely care package from my Redditgifts exchange and she bought me a ton of more blue polish!  I love blue and can find the slightest different between each one.  One of the colors she got me was Sinful Colors Cinderella.  I have been wanting this polish but every time I check my local Walgreens, they are sold out.  Thanks to her I finally have a bottle.  If you are lucky enough to find it, I would say buy it.  It is so pretty and the name suits it perfectly.  Cinderella is a super soft blue with the prettiest mother of pearl like shimmer to it.


Macro is a little blurry to show the pretty flakes

It did take me three coats to get full coverage.

Cinderella is very pretty on it's own but I wanted to add a little extra sparkle.  Julep Portia was the perfect companion.  Portia is a light blue tinted base with iridescent glitter.  Portia seemed like the perfect companion to Cinderella.


Macor of Portia

This just adds that extra sparkle.

Here is an extra pic to show off the glitter.

I love the iridescent glitter in Portia.

So there you go, a lovely blue to wear just about anywhere.  Hope to see you guys tomorrow for my Wednesday pink nails.  Until then have a great evening!