Sunday, August 12, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Week: Beach Plum Cottage

Good evening, ladies!  I am so excited to present my first Etsy shop of the week.  Now this shop does not sell nail products so, to tie the two together, I matched my nails to one of my favorite items I own made by Maggie.  Beach Plum Cottage is a collection of awesome handmade items by Maggie.  Last Christmas I discovered her shop through communications on Reddit.  I immediately fell in love with her shop and had to have some of her products.  I ended up with two scarfs and a cap for myself, a scarf for my mother, and one for my sister in law.  My favorite is pictured below with matching nails.  I plan on doing a lot more shopping this winter for gifts and personal items for myself.

Also at Beach Plum Cottage you can get some super cute jewelry, headbands, and many more accessories!  All of her stuff is handmade and uses the best materials available.  See something you like but not in the color you want just let her know.  I wanted a pink scarf for my mom but didn't have exactly what I was looking for.  After a few emails and photos of supplies I was able to pick out the perfect color combo.

Another cute idea is custom ear buds.  You pick the colors and she'll make them just for you.  No more boring ear buds! I don't know what type of ear buds she uses but I'll bet she would work with you to customize your own set for those who want the best sound possible.

Now I have to talk about the amazing stuffed animals she hand makes.  I want one of these so bad and I am not even a kid!  This would be the perfect gift for just about anyone, hint hint....

I hope everyone will take the time to head over to Beach Plum Cottage and pay her a visit.  Added bonus for you guys, use code FIREWATERHEART for 15% off you order.  Stock up now for those cute holiday gifts that everyone will want!