Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunset Nails by Siobhann

Tonight I have a super cute walk through to create sunset nails.  Siobhann has some of the cutest nail art and I just had to share.  I hope to bring more features of her nail art in the future.  If this is something you guys would like to see more of just let me know.

For the sunset nails we used a total of four colors.  We have Sinful Colors Let's Meet and Tapping Nails, Sally Hansen HD Digital, and a black nail are pen.  First up we use the Sinful Colors Let Meet.

With this color we needed to go with two coats to get a good vibrant yellow.  Do you see the sunset yet? Next up is Tapping Nails.

With a fresh clean make up sponge Siobhann dabbed the color on leaving just a small amount of the yellow showing.  Now she did clean up before taking this photo by just using a q-tip and a small amount of non-acetone remover. I see the sunset forming!  Now for the last color in the sunset is Sally Hansen HD Digital.

Again used a make up sponge and dabbed the Digital on.  You do not need to use much polish.  Here is a pic of the make up sponge used.

This was used for both hands.  You don't need much at all so be careful.  I would recommend using a sheet of paper to practice before trying just to be safe.  I would hate for you to glob paint on to a perfect base and give up hope.  Now for the finish product.......

Isn't that the cutest nails ever!  She used her nail art pen to draw some awesome palm trees to finish up the sunset look.  Again take your time and you could easily pull this off.  Makes me want a frozen drink with an umbrella.

Thanks for stopping by this evening and hope you enjoyed the little walkthrough.  With patients and practice you can pull this off just in time for those end of summer parties.  Good evening everyone!