Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zoya Mimi and Finger Paints Motley

Good afternoon and welcome to my first post.  I hope to overtime inspire other people, teach a few things, and learn somethings along the way.  Not only is this blog for me but it is for other fellow lacqueristas out there.  I always would love to hear your thoughts and opinions so please share.  Now time for the good stuff.

Today I am going to show you two that I have had for sometime and truly enjoy, Zoya Mimi and Finger Paints Motley.  First up is Mimi.  This is such a pretty color of purple packed full of sparkle.  It is a little dark but still a very fun color.

Zoya Mimi

Macro of Mimi

To achieve this look I have on three coats of Mimi followed with a quick dry top coat.

Next up I will top off Mimi with Finger Paints Motley.  This one is a blue/green flake.  I am a huge fan of flake nail polish.  To me the best part of a flake is the fact you can wear nice glitter polish with out the pain of later removal.  Flakes come off super easy with non-acetone remover.

Finger Paints Motley

Macro of Motley

This is just one coat of Motley followed up with a quick dry top coat.

For some reason this combo reminds me of a Trapper Keeper I had in grade school.  Ah, I thought I was the coolest.  If you are interested in Zoya Mimi you can purchase it directly through Zoya.  Finger Paints Flakes are discontinued but with enough looking I am sure you could find one online.  If you guys have any suggestion on what you would like to see more or less of please let me know.  Thanks and have a great evening!

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