Monday, August 20, 2012

It's Real 18K Gold!

Good afternoon everyone!  As many of you know last week was a little quiet due to me being on vacation celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary.  We spent a week just relaxing and enjoying some sunny beaches.  For our anniversary my husband took me to Ulta and Sephora, first time at both, to do a little shopping.  At checkout he surprised me with a bottle of It's Real 18K Gold!  This stuff is truly as awesome as you would think it would be.  Also while on vacation I received my Julep mystery box and in it I got Molly, a beautiful red, so it seemed appropriate to pair these two up.


Macro of Molly


Can you believe this was only 1 coat! I love this red!

I have been searching for a good red color and I think I have finally found it.

Ok now it's time for the good stuff.  It's Real 18K Gold is an awesome top coat.  I would suggest being very careful when applying this polish.  I noticed to much pressure or to many brush strokes would cause the gold to break up a little.  I would also probably not recommend shaking the bottle because of the gold being so delicate.  You want those big chunks, trust me.

It's Real 18K Gold

Macro of It's Real 18K Gold

The name says it all!

I put on two coats to get a full coverage plus a fast dry top coat.  I love it!

How gorgeous!

Now the It's Real 18K Gold is expensive but come on, it's real gold!  I didn't have anything like this in my collection or really anything that compares to it.  I did see the other day that Zoya is going to be offering a gold polish in yellow or white so I will certainly be keeping my eye out for that one.  Hope you guys enjoyed my little pics and looking forward to chatting it up in the future.  Thanks so much for stopping by!