Monday, August 6, 2012

Icing J'adore and NYC Matte Me Crazy

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I have one that I have owned for a few months and one I purchased this week.  Also I am going to give a try to hand placing glitter tonight.  Love to know your thoughts on this one.

First up is the oldie, Icing's J'adore.  This is such a pretty baby blue cream with a hint of green in certain lighting.  J'adore has a great milky finish that I just love.  This polish goes on super smooth and only took two coats to get a solid finish.
Icing J'adore

Macro of J'adore

Only two coats and looks great!

Now time for NYC Matte Me Crazy.  I have been hunting for a good matte top coat for some time now.  I really wanted to find Essie Matte About You but it was no where to be found locally.  This week I went to Target to do some of my weekly shopping and finally caved in and bought NYC brand.  For $2 I wasn't expecting much and boy was I surprised.  This stuff is great!!!!!  It went on super easy and dried at a reasonable speed.  I normally use fast dry top coats so it was hard to sit still but I managed to do it.  Either way I am going to make another trip to Target and buy a few spare bottles because I know I am going to use this one a lot.  Time for pics.

NYC Matte Me Crazy

Macro of Matte Me Crazy

First time adding loose glitter so it's not perfect but still pretty darn cute.

As you can see I have a slight smudge, I just can't sit still!

So there you go, cheap matte polish is awesome!  If you like the look of matte polish I recommend buying this top coat.  Thanks again and hope you guys have a great night!

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