Sunday, August 26, 2012

Glow in the Dark Laser Nails

Good evening everyone!  Sorry about two post in one day but I was just too excited on how this turned out and had to show you.  I have been wanting to try out laser nails for awhile now.  While on vacation my striping tape showed up and I finally got to use it today.  I combined it with some glow in the dark polish that I picked up last weekend and well, we will let the pics do the talking.

Sorry it's not super clear but you get the idea.

Let me show you how I achieved this look and trust me, you have got to try it out.  So much fun!  First up I started with a cheap Halloween Glow in the Dark Polish.  Now it took me about 5 coats to get an even finish but this stuff dried so quick it was no big deal.

Isn't that the cutest bottle ever!

This ended up being a really pretty blue color all on it's own.

Come on, you know that is badass!

After letting the polish set for a few hours a began to lay my striping tape.  I suggest doing one nail at a time and remembering the order you laid the tape, you will need to reverse order to remove.  I put just one coat of black polish on and then removed tape immediately.  After all my nails were done I went back with a clear coat and a fast dry top coat to smooth things out.  Looks pretty good in the daylight too.
Okay, laser nails are awesome! Super fun to do!

One last time, this is so cool.

Thanks for stopping by again today.  I just couldn't hold this one in.  Be sure to enter my giveaway and I will see you guys next time.