Sunday, August 26, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Week: Wonder Beauty Products

Good afternoon everyone! Today I have another wonderful Etsy shop for you guys, Wonder Beauty Products.  This place has everything! They make beautiful polishes and sell the products to make your own franken blends.  I have bought from Wonder Beauty many times now and have had great experience each time.  Shipping times is generally a few days so be patient, it's worth it. First up I am going to show you guys some of the lovely blends I own.

First up is Be Gentle, It's My First Time.  I am a sucker for blues and this one is absolutely gorgeous! It is a super soft blue filled with various sizes of ice blue and champagne glitter and then has a splash of gold color dust. The application was super easy and got a very even coating of glitter.  This polish is very sheer so with out any undies it took three coats.  Well worth the layers and with a fast dry top coat I was ready to go in no time.

Be Gentle, It's My First Time

Macro of Be Gentle


Again this was three coats total but layers great!

You can see in this picture all the pretty glitters. Soft color for any time use.

Next up for you guys is Joy Ride.  I was really excited about this one.  The color combo just seemed perfect to me.  This is a purple gray base with various sizes of white and black hex glitter, and purple and blue small glitter.  It did take me four coats to get a somewhat even finish but again with a fast dry top coat I was doing laundry within 30 mins. I would recommend using a white base on this one just to get a little more longevity out of the bottle.

Joy Ride

Macro of Joy Ride


Again this was four coats total.  I love how the glitter layers.

Here is a better pic of all the different sizes glitters.  The large glitter laid super easy and once I put my top coat on I had a smooth finish.

Again Wonder Beauty also sells supplies to mix your own special blends.  I have personally used their suspension base and would say it easily compares to all the big name brands out there and right in line on the price.  You can buy pre-filled bottle too which makes for a great way to play around for the first time.  Be on the lookout for new products coming out next month, the Pin-Up collection is amazing! Check out Beauty Wonder Products on Etsy and be sure to message them to get on their mailing list for upcoming specials. 

Be sure to enter my giveaway before you leave.  See you guys next time and thanks for stopping by.