Thursday, September 13, 2012

Avon Loving Lavender and Perception Nail Lacquer Unicorn Farts

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I have some nails that look like they are straight out of Grimm Fairy Tales.  A few months back I met Amy through Mani-Mommies and shortly after meeting her she started up her own indie line with some super cute blends.  I fell in love with, hehehe, Unicorn Farts.  I quickly grabbed up a bottle and boy am I glad I did.  This stuff is gorgeous.  The holographic sparkle is perfect!  The polish it self is pretty sheer so I wanted to pair it with a matching base and Avon Loving Lavender was a perfect match.

Loving Lavender

Macro of Loving Lavender

This color was part of their spring line up.

This finish is two coats.  I could have went with a single coat but used a different base this time....

Loving Lavender is a very pretty cream base that just screams for sparkle and Unicorn Farts delivers!  They were truly made for each other.  Once I placed two layers of the Unicorn Farts I felt like I had just stepped into a Grimm fairy tale.  The glitter reminds me of something a young princess would wear to all the beautiful balls.

Unicorn Farts

Macro of Unicorn Farts

I love it!

The holographic finish is so soft and elegant, the perfect pair.

Now I would highly recommend heading over to Etsy and checking out Perception Nail Lacquer.  Amy is always creating new blends that are to die for.... I have more in transit as we speak.  You can also check out Mani-Mommies or Perception Nail on Facebook for up to date info.

Ok, so the new base coat I used.... Elmer's Glue!  I was hearing from many different sources that this was the perfect solution for glitter lovers and I had to try it out for myself.  Basically you use Elmer's glue as a base coat and when it comes time to change polish, you just peel it off and no damage to the nail.  Guess what, it works! I used an empty mini bottle I had laying around to put the glue into to make application easier.  I brushed on one thin coat and waited about 20 mins for it to completely dry before painting my nails.  I then proceeded like normal and still ended with my fast dry top coat.  Well here's the results.

This was all 10 nails!

I am sold on the Elmer's glue.  I only made it a full 24 hours before I had to try peeling it off but no chips in that time frame.  I am currently wearing another mani and hopefully I can make it a few more days before I have the urge again to peel it off.  So there you go, a beautiful combo and a godsend solution for glitter lovers.  I hope everyone has a great evening and will see you next time.