Sunday, September 16, 2012

Etsy Shop of the Week: Geeky and Chic

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I have another cute little shop for you guys.  Over the summer I participated in the Reddit Arbitrary Day gift exchange and I got the cutest keychain holder ever!  I currently use it as a safe place to hang my earbuds so the cats don't destroy them.  The shop that supplied this cute little keychain holder is Geeky and Chic.  They offer the holder ranging in a single hook up to a three hook and is a prefect gift for any Zelda lover.  Go by their shop and check them out for other cute geeky items.

Now since they were not polish related, and to stick with the them of nails I have The Hero of Time from Dollish Polish to show you guys.  Now I love the original Legend of Zelda video game and when I saw this polish I had to have it.  It took me a few months but I finally grabbed a bottle over at Overall Beauty.  Normally I see this polish on a green base but at the last minute I decided to go with a brown base.  It turned out great!

Buried Alive

Macro of Buried Alive

This was a good two coater.

I love this brown.  It's a nice chocolate color with a hint of sparkle.

The Hero of Time is heavy on the glitter so I used my trusty Elmer's Glue and everything came off super easy.  This time I made it two full days before I broke down and peeled the polish off, but there were no chips at all.  

The Hero of Time

Macro of Hero of Time

I went with two coats here since I knew removal was going to be easy.

I absolutely love the look of this polish!  It was so shiny it caught everyones attention.

Now I am feeling inspired to play some Zelda.  Time to break out my Wii-mote with the classic controller and play some old Zelda on the Mac.  Thanks for stopping by this evening and I look forward to seeing you again.