Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nail-Venturous Floam and Sinful Colors Rise and Shine

Good evening everyone!  Hope all is well with you wonderful ladies.  Tonight I have for you the infamous Floam by Nail-Venturous.  After a few months of patiently waiting I finally got my hands on some Floam.  My first time using I was somewhat disappointed, the blend is really thick and takes a lot of coats to get full coverage.  I actually considered trading it off but someone on another board suggested a base coat so I started looking for the perfect base coat.  I didn't want a base that was going to take away from the beauty of the polish itself, but something that mated perfectly with it.  I think I have found it.  Even when my sister was in town visiting she picked the perfect duo for her mani.

Okay first up is the base.  I use Sinful Colors Rise and Shine.  Since this is a base that will mostly be hid by polish you will not need more than one coat.  Personally the color on its own is pretty boring and has a terrible matte finish.  Floam brings out the beauty in this one.

Rise and Shine

Macro of Rise and Shine

This is one coat.  It is not perfect but will look great with Floam.

Eh, nothing special.

Now this is where the magic happens.  The teal base of Rise and Shine mixes perfectly with the teal and yellow glitter in Floam.  With this combo I only had to use two coats of Floam to get a perfect finish.  You know what that means..... I can get way more use out of my precious Floam.


Macro of Floam

Only two coats of Floam!

I love it!  They were truly made for each other.

Sinful Colors can be picked up at Walgreens and be sure to check for the popular 99¢ sale.  Floam is a little harder to get your hands on but Ninja Polish makes it a little easier.  You can sign up for a friendly reminder on restocks of your most desired blend.  I have my heart set on the next Humble Bee restock.

Thanks for stopping this evening!  I hope you guys enjoyed my little pics and I look forward to seeing you guys again real soon.